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The CFG Trading auditoriums give our traders the opportunity to experience trading in a whole new atmosphere designed for the Forex trader. The auditoriums are provided by CFG exclusively for our members. It is an environment that is uninhibited by outside interferences that distract one’s focus from their trading.

In the auditoriums, traders experience an informational environment as well as an educational environment. Attendees have available to them focused trade information across multiple currencies, updated on a live real time window. The auditorium is used for a study atmosphere as well as creating an environment for live trading opportunities. This exclusive window is only viewable in our authorized locations, saving traders considerable personal study time and effort with their own daily research.

Attendees may also be able to listen to live trade commentary from the Richmond Control Center (RCC), and possible calls of specific trades. Each facility is also managed by a certified CFG Mentor that can provide additional support to traders.


Both seasoned traders and beginners alike can benefit
by taking advantage of the information in the auditorium window, along with the commentary provided through the live broadcast. Traders that have previously attended the auditorium, and have seen the value of the opportunity, have found it beneficial to stay more than one day. This allows traders to take full advantage of the information provided. 

Those in attendance are encouraged to make trading decisions, live or demo, based on their own analysis of the provided information.

Our ultimate goal is to enable traders, offer a positive experience and enhance the overall trading results to all that attend by providing an atmosphere where traders can focus on trading, with minimal distractions and optimum trade information.

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