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CFG Hoot

NEW Webcast

Our new WebCast is trader continuing education broadcasts over the web from CFG Corporate Mentors straight to your personal computer. Each trader can only register for one workshop per topic.
For reservations or questions email customerservice@cfgtrading.com

WebCast Topics:

1.  Introduction of a new guest speaker

2.  Where to exit a perfect trade signal that goes bad

3.  Trend wall breakouts and how they are associated with a perfect signal

4.  "How to turn a bad trade into a positive trade"  (audio video presentation)

5. Guest speaker presentation:   " ROI Harmonics " 

6.  Clusters and how to use them for targets and reversal entries with illustrations

7.  ST presentation.  "You can never learn enough about Forex ST's"

8.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Take a look at a plan that one of our trader associates uses to build his margin

Requirements for WebCast:

1. Must be subscribing to CFGSmartCharts™
2. Or Invited Guest

3. Registered and paid in advance

*We strongly recommend that you have attended a 2 day audit prior to attending any WebCast session