3rd Annual CFG Conference
The 3rd Annual CFG Conference was held December 15 - 17, 2004, and welcomed over five hundred atteendees to the Richmond Convention Center. President & CEO Don Snellgrove kicked off the conference recognizing three important organizations. Comfort Zone, St. Jude's and Minister To Ministers were rewarded with generous donations on behalf of Concorde Forex Group through the IFxTA Foundation.
Concorde Forex Group
Trade Records Broken
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Comfort Zone Camp
St. Jude Children's
Minister To Ministers
Minister To Ministers
"As we grow, we will continue to give back to these much needed organizations in every way we can. One of our goals in building CFG was to share the success of the company. We are very thankful to everyone involved with
CFG in order to
help us reach this goal." Don also spoke
about the future in 2005 and how this is just the beginning. "Out intent is to increase the amount of giving next year with the growth of the company and the IFxTA Foundation." Independent Forex Traders Association was created for the purpose of developing a source of financial aid to those organizations and individuals in need of help. Working as a non-profit group, IFxTA will be a driving force in 2005. We invite you to join us in supporting our vision and learning more about IFxTA by visiting
Research Hospital
New Trade Records Broken
Wayne Baldock
CFG Primary Mentor
Linda Cain
CFG Mentor
Gregg Gibbs
CFG Primary Mentor
Mark Billups
CFG Mentor
Live Trades In Row Without A Loss
Congratulations to the Wayne, Linda, Gregg and Mark who all have broken records in consecutive live trades without a loss. This EXTRODINARY achievement was recognized at this years conference to a standing ovation by all. Read about how they were able to achieve this success in the FOREX.
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Don Snellgrove: Barrel Trading
Gerry Greene: Greene Sheet
Chris Moseley: Strive To Thrive
CFG Global Forex Award: Barkley
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Don Snellgrove: "Barrel Trading"
Gerry Greene: "Greene Sheet"
Chris Moseley: "Resolve To Thrive In 2005"
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