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These are just a few of the comments received from the 2003 CFG Conference atendees. Over 200 people were in attendance over the 3 day event which included an open house tour of the Richmond Headquarters and Trading Floor. "You can feel the energy and excitement from a great year and the anticipation of what 2004 will bring," said one CFG Intern. The title of this years conference, "A Dream Come True" focused on the past, present and future of Concorde Forex Group. President & CEO, Don Snellgrove, spoke about the great opportunity for all CFG members in the coming year. "It starts with leadership and the ability to demonstrate integrity in order to be part of the future success of CFG." Don also shared his goals and vision in helping many charitable organizations as a result of a successful company. "New procedures are now in place, such as IFTA to help fund organizations which you can participate in with every trade that you enter."
"Excellent Conference, Thank You!"
CFG Staff Thanks You For Your Participation and Attendance To The 2nd Annual CFG Conference
2nd Annual
Concorde Forex Group Conference
2nd Annual Concorde Forex Group Conference
Don Snellgrove & Gerry Greene
"A Dream Come True"
"A Dream Come True"
2003 Conference Welcomes Over 200 To Richmond, VA
"Thank You For Your Generosity."
"Don & Barbara, Thank You For This Gift!"
"... I Am Excited To Be A Part Of This Organization."
"I Am Very Grateful for
the invitation."
"... I Love The Spirit That Is Here."
Day one featured 4 breakout rooms which covered topics such as S90 Crossover, River Bend/Radar & RCU/D Application, Recruiting and Trade Strategies. These sessions were led by traders, Mentors and Corporate Mentors. Day two covered a wide range of topics in the general session including new trades and strategies. The conference finished with a formal awards dinner and ceremony which recognized the top producers in the company.
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By Don Snellgrove
2003 Conference
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