Trading The Forex Is A Privelege
Concorde Forex Group
Many traders do not realize that trading the Forex is a privilege since the market has only been open to the small guy for a few years. In the past, only investment firms, banks, and master traders with a massive amount of money for speculation and investment had access to this fantastic Forex market. Now, anyone who has the ability to study, practice and make quality decisions has an opportunity to become a successful trader. Everyone is treated without prejudice in the Forex and the market will treat everyone the same whether wealthy or poor. Market makers provide an opportunity for smaller traders to participate in the Forex without putting up a large mass of funds; therefore, it is important to realize that traders and market makers both have an opportunity to profit from the Forex. There is room for both. Where conflict begins is when scalping takes place. Scalping in plane English is stealing. If a broker scalps a trader, you will hear the trader loud and clear, however, if the trader scalps a broker, you never hear the trader admit that he/she has taken advantage of a broker in an unstable market such as may occur during a major fundamental announcement. Trading with integrity works if you plan your trades and trade your plan.
Don Snellgrove
CFG President & CEO
Don Snellgrove
We are pleased to announce the 3rd Annual CFG Traders Conference to be held in Richmond, VA this coming December. This event is by invitation only with a requirement to RSVP in order to attend. Invitations will be sent to CFG Mentors and Associates in good standing with the company. You will not want to miss this great opportunity as we will hold advanced trading sessions on numerous topics, introduce new trade strategies, and provide you with new information on the future of the Forex and CFG. We will also provide lunches, entertainment and the greatly anticipated awards dinner. If you have never toured the home office, please take time to schedule and sign up for a tour during registration. More detailed information will be sent to those who have responded to the RSVP. We look forward to your arrival and participation this December!
A trader in Virginia was living in an apartment 9 years ago and now lives in a beautiful house that many call a castle. His billion dollar fortune was developed through three rules that did not include fundamental announcements. His three rules of trading are very simple:

  1. Trade within the trend
  2. Trust signals
  3. Ignore fundamentals except as a reference.

His reputation for giving to others and to missionary causes exceeds what the average successful person would ever consider giving.
Every successful trader that I have met made their fortune with planned trades and each have a certain characteristic of giving back a portion to those in need. I guess, giving, is part of the life of a successful trader.

Become all you can with the Forex as your vehicle to success.
By Don Snellgrove CFG President & CEO
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