website at and look for the new tab listed as AUDITORIUM at the top. You will find more information and a picture of the Auditorium trade research page. We hope to see you in a CFG Auditorium soon.
CFG Auditoriums
Gerry Greene: "Greene Sheet"
CFG Trade Floor Update
Gibbonacci Morsels: Cost Averaging
2005 Mentor Meeting Pictures
CFG Mentors Meeting Held In Hawaii
A trip to paradise was enjoyed by all CFG Mentors who attended the Feb. meeting in Maui. Over 45 total in attendance for the opportunity to connect with other CFG Mentors and staff and learn about the future of CFG. Aside from the meeting times, all enjoyed a day excursion to the beautiful island of Lanai, oceanside private outdoor buffet dinner, free time and a first class Luah. The CFG staff would like to thank the participating Mentors for their attendance and participation. It is with the dedicated Mentors and Staff that will keep CFG growing which benefits every person and charity involved for the future of the company. Stay tuned for the plans on how you can earn a free trip to next years meeting to be announced soon.
One of the hurdles to overcome as a beginning trader, is the discipline to cut a loss quickly to reduce the loss exposure. Retaining profits after a wonderful string of success is a skill that CFG encourages beginning traders to learn. When a trader has a loss, or in a loosing trade, their ability to handle the situation properly is increased as long as they remember to use the tight stop recomendations taught during the Financial Freedom thru the Forex seminar.
On The Way To Beautiful Lanai Island
Don Snellgrove
CFG President & CEO
Missing The Point?
Are you missing the point of trading 50 consecutive trades on a live account without a loss using the CFG Methodology?
CFG Auditoriums Now A Reality
Edition Seven
Greene Sheet
Feature Article: Don Snellgrove
1st Annual CFG Flag Football
CFG Trade Floor Update
Gibbonacci Morsels
Avoiding The HFG
Let's keep this simple and stated in plain English. For beginners or advanced Forex traders who wish to learn how to trade a pre-set goal of consecutive trades without losses on live trading accounts, the exercise is to develop a discipline of learning how to wait for a good trade rather than just entering to be entering a trade. I personally feel that even advanced traditional traders should consider leaving their egos in the trunk of their cars or in the closet. Next, begin the lengthy as well as time consuming study of trying something new if they have never experienced the joy and success of finally, after many attempts, to reach a successful string of live trades without a loss.
CFG is pleased to announce the opening of the first CFG Auditoriums in Richmond, VA. and Jacksonville, FL. While the auditorium is still in the experiemental stages, we are offering discounted reservations for CFG traders to sit in this new environment and listen to the RCC trade stategies. An auditiorium experience also includes access to daily research compiled by our experienced backroom staff. Be sure to visit the CFG
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Missing The Point?
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1st Annual CFG Football Extravaganza
Gerry Greene
CFG Sr. Vice President
The Greene Sheet
Read about the bumps bruises of the football game -
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Gregg Gibbs
CFG Vice President
Gregg Gibbs writes on various trade strategies and offers successful tips for CFG Traders.
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Cost Average Strategies
Learn To Trade / Learn To Fish
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Don Snellgrove: Missing The Point?
Meet The CFG Staff
Gibbonacci Morsels: Learn To Trade/Fish
CFG Flag Football Extravaganza
Avoiding The HFG
CFG Auditoriums
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