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SmartSignals is a proprietary software tool used to monitor the currency market in ways that you cannot. SmartSignals can monitor all of the currency combinations available and alert you to possible trades appearing in the market. It uses highly-sophisticated programming to look for specified signals and trends. The benefit of SmartSignals is that it can monitor all country combinations, as where it is hard to monitor every chart at once manually. It can also be set to alert you once a currency has reached a specified level. SmartSignals allows you to set different sounds for specific trades to alert you when you’re at the computer, in the other room, or even asleep! Please note that SmartSignals is to be used only as an alert tool. Never enter a trade based on SmartSignals™ without first visually checking and confirming the signals. SmartSignals™ cannot replace the skills you learn in the trading course.

Subscription Cost:

SmartCharts™ with SmartSignals™ : $349.99 USD per mo.

After attending the Forex Seminar, the SmartChartswill be discounted to $249.99 per mo.

*** Rate increases do not affect subscribers who currently hold grandfathered status. Grandfathered rates are for the intial package subscribed to and are void if any changes are made to the existing service. Please note that subscribers will be subject to a 15-day grace period. If subscription payments lapse for 15 days, the grandfathered rates will expire and subscribers will be subject to the current rates at that time. ***

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